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"The Evolution of Walking:

It’s More Than 4 Wheels…Critical Thinking in Wheeled Walker Prescriptions"

I am writing this to invite you to Evolution Technology’s amazing walker seminar “It’s More Than 4 Wheels…Critical Thinking in Wheeled Walker Prescriptions” hosted by Occupational Therapist and renowned author Sheila Buck! Each seminar will cover the mechanics of walking related to the use of a wheeled walker (rollator). Ultimately our objective for prescription is to be able to determine which device style and options will best suit the needs of your client to optimize not only their gait, and balance, but their posture as well.


  1. To review balance and posture related to standing and gait patterning
  2. To explore rollator walker frame style differences and their impact on gait
  3. To explore walker options and their capacity to enhance functional mobility

We will also review varying case studies and ideas and options for achieving the best practice scenario in prescribing wheeled walking aids.

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If you can not attend for any reason, kindly contact us at 1-800-556-2558 to cancel your registration.

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