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One hand brake system

The customized One Hand Brake System is available in most models and is designed for the user to brake with one hand, either the left or right. The opposite non-brake handle has a soft foam cushion attached for ultimate comfort.

Soft seat cushions

Designed for every Evolution Walker (excluding Xpresso), the seat cushions are made of waterproof material and feature two non-slip pads.

Xpresso lite series

The Xpresso Lite allows for a more enjoyable, independent lifestyle. Designed for the user that requires a lite-weight frame, the Xpresso Lite series features low maintainance cable brakes, soft padded seat and featherweight tires.


This is an optional adjustable and comfortable flexible back pad designed to provide more back support.

EVO 9855

The Belle Regular provides the comfort and support that a high-quality shower chair deserves. The patented drainage system reduces slipping and funnels water away to reduce pooling. The 2mm T6061 anodized aluminum frame makes this bath chair one of the strongest and most lightweight bath seats on the market. The Belle provides stability and comfort giving the user great peace of mind knowing they are safe and secure.